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1 min read
Airborne Vlog: The GNX 375

In this airborne VLOG, We go on a flight to Harnett Regional Airport and have a quick conversation on the GNX 375 and where it fits in the General Aviation market today. We highlig...

Is it Time To Get Connected?

Is it time to get connectivity in your aircraft? This blog focuses on Bluetooth connectivity from your mobile devices to your avionics equipment. We show you one of the simple solu...

1 min read
VLOG: Electronic Flight Instruments/ Glass panel

Are you thinking about replacing some of your old analog instruments with the some new electronic flight instruments? In this vlog, we discuss the Garmin G5 and the Aspen E5. We al...

1 min read
VLOG: The Blooper Reel

So, this week we give you absolutely no educational value in our VLOG. If you are looking for educational content, this weeks VLOG is not it. We decided to put together a blooper r...

1 min read
VLOG: Garmin GFC 500 Digital Autopilots

Garmin Autopilots are digital and it seems that everyone is asking about them. We have been putting them is all make and model airplanes ranging from Mooney, Cessna and Beechcraft....

1 min read
VLOG: Can You Say Malarkey?

Here we go again with an interesting word and this weeks Aviation word is malarkey. We've got some malarkey going on at the shop this week and the Piper Cherokee is finally moving ...

1 min read
VLOG: What is a Boondoggle?

In this episode of "Making Airplanes Better" we're talking about boondoggles in Aviation and we're getting an update on the progress of the Piper Cherokee 180. We hope you enjoy it...

1 min read
VLOG: First Time 4 Everything

There has to be a first time for everything in Aviation and this just happens to be our first every VLOG which is basically a video version of a BLOG. Check it out and tell us what...

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