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3 min read
Unpacking the Benefits of Garmin Avionics Upgrades for Cessna Pilots

If you're a Cessna pilot, you understand the importance of having reliable and robust avionics equipment in order to provide a safe and enjoyable flying experience. With advancemen...

3 min read
GFC 600 Digital Autopilot Can Help Reduce Pilot Workload

Autopilot upgrades can help reduce the pilot's workload and improve safety. Many newer autopilot systems include features such as automatic heading tracking, which maintains the ai...

2 min read
King Air 200 Aircraft Owners Get Access to Garmin TXi EIS

Many Beechcraft King Air 200 pilots and owners have reason to celebrate. On April 14, 2022, Garmin announced that expanded engine monitoring capability is now available for select ...

3 min read
Upgrade Your Cockpit with Modern Avionics

Flying with outdated avionics is a thing of the past…literally. With the advent of smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and smart cars, it only makes sense to upgrade your avionic...

1 min read
Good pilots are always learning.

How many of you have heard the saying “There are Old pilots and Bold Pilots but there are no Old, Bold pilots” and wondered exactly what that means? In my opinion, it means that th...

2 min read
New Garmin Software Improves Situational Awareness!

If you are getting ready for a summer trip to Michigan or gearing up for your annual pilgrimage to OshKosh AirVenture, I'm about to talk about something you will probably be intere...

1 min read
Airborne Vlog: The GNX 375

In this airborne VLOG, We go on a flight to Harnett Regional Airport and have a quick conversation on the GNX 375 and where it fits in the General Aviation market today. We highlig...

1 min read
$500 ADS-B Rebate

The FAA has reinstated the ADS-B Rebate, but the rebates are limited and time is running out as the program ends on October 11, 2019. Are you eligible to receive it? There are seve...

1 min read
11 Months... ADS-B Deadline

11 months left till this “ADS-B” mandate is mandatory. So what should you do? There are multiple options to become ADS-B Compliant but I believe as you look to become compliant you...

2 min read
Missed Opportunities By Aircraft Owners

I’ve blogged before about the effects of the Part 23 rewrite on the general aviation industry and how technology advances in this industry have increased in the past couple years u...

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