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King Air 200 Aircraft Owners Get Access to Garmin

By Sparkchasers on May 2, 2022

Many Beechcraft King Air 200 pilots and owners have reason to celebrate. On April 14, 2022, Garmin announced that expanded engine monitoring capability is now available for select Beechcraft King Air 200 aircrafts with the addition of the TXi™ Engine Indication System (EIS) display. Sparkchasers is excited about the opportunity to provide our avionics clients with this advanced, full-featured graphic display system, with its pilot-friendly array of graphical readouts that make fuel and engine management easier than ever.

A Smarter Way to Fly

King Air 200 series owners and operators can now replace aging and costly-to-replace EIS gauges with a modernized display. The Garmin TXi EIS offers a wealth of helpful features such as engine timers, exceedance recordings, dynamic engine indications, and wireless data logging, all on a clear, bright 7-inch dedicated display in portrait mode. This arrangement can greatly simplify the cockpit layout, allowing pilots to read and analyze critical engine and fuel parameters more clearly. The bottom-line benefits include a reduced pilot workload, improvement in engine efficiency, and lower maintenance costs made possible by the display's detailed monitoring and reporting features.

Garmin TXi EIS features gauges that are easier to read and more information-rich than traditional options, helping pilots interpret a variety of engine and fuel system data at a glance.

If you fly a King Air 200 fitted with the Txi EIS, you'll appreciate the display's ability to show real-time turbine engine information using distinct colors, bands, and radials which clearly depict normal operating ranges and limitations. Power management data includes readouts for such essentials as oil pressure, fuel flow, RPM, and fuel quantity per tank. This information helps pilots maintain the engine within its allowed limits to avoid engine exceedances, which in turn should cut down on costly maintenance procedures.

Fuel Monitoring, Lean Assist, and Much More

TXi EIS enables King Air 200 pilots to monitor each cylinder's exhaust gas and cylinder head temperature in real time. With this information, pilots can avoid over leaning and achieve an ideal air/fuel mixture for optimal engine efficiency and performance. A dedicated "Lean" button makes things even easier by permitting pilots to select a lean assist mode.

The TXi EIS system comes with an integrated fuel computer that accepts and displays fuel management calculations. King Air 200 pilots can use this feature to update fuel data quickly and easily with every refueling. Additional conveniences include "full fuel" and "fill to tabs" preset buttons for even simpler data input. In flight, the system monitors GPS and fuel flow data to provide automated fuel, range, and flight time estimates.

Data Logging for Optimal Maintenance

King Air 200 owners and operators might want to invest in the TXi EIS system for its data-logging capabilities alone. All the engine and fuel monitoring data collected by the system when airborne goes onto an SD card, which a Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway can then relay to the Garmin Pilot app. Service technicians can review this data to look for problems best addressed in their early stages, before they lead to larger, costlier repair scenarios.

With this addition to Garmin's product line, Beechcraft King Air 200 joins the growing list of approved turbine aircraft for TXi EIS. Other aircraft already enjoying the benefits of this advanced display system include the Cessna 208/208B, Cessna 425, Cheyenne I & II, Daher TBM 700/850, King Air 90, Pilatus PC-12/47, and Piper PA-46-310SP/350P.

Garmin Upgrades at Sparkchasers

If you'd like more information on Garmin Upgrades, contact your Sparkchasers team today to get all the details and request a free estimate for your particular aircraft and avionics needs.

Sparkchasers Aircraft Services specializes in expert installation and technology recommendations to customize your airplane’s flight panel with modern avionics from the top brands in the industry. Sparkchasers is an award-winning, experienced team that strives to provide excellent customer service, stay current with the latest avionics technology, and draws on years of experience to diagnose technical issues quickly and efficiently. Sparkchasers provides services for piston-driven, turboprop, and turbine engine aircraft. When you plan to upgrade your aircraft’s avionics or need FAA certifications completed, give us a call at (919) 934-1654 or visit www.flysparkchasers.com for a quick quote.

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