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GFC 600 Digital Autopilot Can Help Reduce Pilot Wo

By Sparkchasers on November 4, 2022

Autopilot upgrades can help reduce the pilot's workload and improve safety. Many newer autopilot systems include features such as automatic heading tracking, which maintains the aircraft's heading while the pilot concentrates on other tasks. Other autopilot enhancements include wind shear detection and terrain avoidance systems. These features can help pilots avoid dangerous situations and make flying safer and more enjoyable. Upgrading to a GFC 600 digital autopilot is a wise investment for any pilot.

The GFC 600 Adds Autopilot Capability and Reliability

The GFC 600 is a fully integrated autopilot that offers exceptional features and capabilities. It can be added to most general aviation aircraft, including Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, and Cirrus models. The GFC 600 incorporates Garmin's latest navigational technology and is certified for installation in more than 1,000 makes and models of aircraft. Here's a few of the highlights.

  • Cost-effective, superior in-flight characteristics, built-in self-monitoring capabilities and minimal maintenance needs when compared to older generation autopilot systems
  • Designed for single- and twin-engine piston and turbine aircraft that have a wide range of aircraft speed and performance characteristics, GFC 600 is now available for a growing list of aircraft models
  • Stand-alone autopilot that boasts superior integration potential with G600/G500 and TXi series glass flight displays, Garmin navigators, as well as a variety of third-party equipment
  • Robust feature set, including safety features such as underspeed and overspeed protection, a dedicated return-to-level (LVL) mode button, Garmin ESP™ (Electronic Stability and Protection), Smart Rudder Bias capability1, Flight Director (FD), coupled approaches and missed approaches when paired with a compatible navigator and much more
  • Offers 2-axis (pitch and roll) capabilities as well as pitch trim (provides automatic trim and manual electric trim); addition of optional fourth servo adds yaw damp capability

Confidence-inspiring Technology

With its extensive features and advanced technology, the GFC 600 system offers unprecedented value in a retrofittable autopilot solution. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, it’s truly a system you can own and fly with confidence.

Autopilot that knows its limits

With the autopilot engaged, GFC 600 also provides overspeed and underspeed protection. In a high airspeed situation — for example, if you’re descending and your aircraft is approaching VNE or VMO — the system will increase the aircraft’s pitch attitude, preventing a further increase in airspeed and potential structural damage. Likewise, at the other end of the speed spectrum, GFC 600 provides underspeed (stall) protection. For example, in the event the pilot does not immediately advance the throttle to full power, with the autopilot engaged while flying a missed approach sequence, the autopilot will help prevent an aircraft stall by reducing pitch attitude and provide the pilot with an “airspeed, airspeed” audible alert.

Maximize Performance and Capability

Drawing on top-end Garmin GFC 700 flight control technology, GFC 600 provides crisp, precise response and optimum performance over the entire airspeed envelope of your aircraft. Rather than depending on failure-prone mechanical gyros, the GFC 600 system is digitally controlled, using solid-state attitude and air data sensor reference — giving you ultra-smooth round outs, intercepts and more while also enhancing system reliability.

Offering a flexible upgrade solution, GFC 600 can be interfaced with a variety of Garmin and third-party instrumentation and navigation sources.

The design of the GFC 600 includes environmentally hardened servos, allowing for installation in a wide range of airframes, including harsh operating conditions.

The robust hardware used in the GFC 600 autopilot’s scalable architecture lets you tailor your system’s configuration to support the level of capability you want.

Every component has been engineered to work seamlessly together to ensure optimum smoothness and comfort in flight — while helping to reduce pilot workload in the cockpit.

Get the Garmin

The GFC600 autopilot from Garmin is a great option to consider if you're looking to reduce pilot workload while flying. With its extensive list of features and advanced technology, the GFC600 offers unparalleled value in a retrofittable autopilot solution. From overspeed and underspeed protection to pitch trim and yaw damp capability, the GFC600 has you covered. And because it's backed by a comprehensive warranty, you can fly with confidence knowing that your investment is protected. So if you're in the market for an autopilot upgrade, connect with us at Sparkchasers.

Sparkchasers Aircraft Services specializes in expert installation and technology recommendations to customize your airplane’s flight panel with modern avionics from the top brands in the industry. Sparkchasers is an award-winning, experienced team that strives to provide excellent customer service, stay current with the latest avionics technology, and draws on years of experience to diagnose technical issues quickly and efficiently. Sparkchasers provides services for piston-driven, turboprop, and turbine engine aircraft. When you plan to upgrade your aircraft’s avionics or need FAA certifications completed, give us a call at (919) 934-1654 or visit www.flysparkchasers.com for a quick quote.

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