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$500 ADS-B Rebate

[fa icon='calendar'] Feb 4, 2019 12:31:14 PM / by Kristian Butler posted in ADS-B, Avionics, Transponders, Sparkchasers, FIS-B, TIS-B, Garmin, blog, avidyne, stratus

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The FAA has reinstated the ADS-B Rebate, but the rebates are limited and time is running out as the program ends on October 11, 2019.  Are you eligible to receive it? There are several requirements that need to be met for you to receive your free $500 ADS-B Rebate.

We get question all the time on the Rebate.. "how do I do it?" "Does Sparkchasers handle it?" so I hope this helps you aviators out!
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11 Months... ADS-B Deadline

[fa icon='calendar'] Jan 28, 2019 11:52:06 AM / by Kristian Butler posted in ADS-B, Avionics, Transponders, FIS-B, TIS-B, Garmin, avidyne, stratus

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11 months left till this “ADS-B” mandate is mandatory. So what should you do? There are multiple options to become ADS-B Compliant but I believe as you look to become compliant you should ask yourself some of these questions.

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The Free Stuff Keeps Getting Better!

[fa icon='calendar'] Nov 23, 2017 1:55:46 PM / by Ron Oetjen posted in ADS-B, FIS-B, TIS-B, XM Aviation Weather, Garmin GNS430, Garmin GNS 530

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In the spirit of being thankful and in the season of giving, I thought it would be a good time to share some good news. I don’t know what your flying mission is, but a great deal of my flights are long cross country flights that take me into busy airspace. My dad is in Pocahontas, AR, my brother in Evansville, IN, and my wife's family in Atlanta, GA so I have a fond appreciation for the situational awareness that having traffic and weather services in the cockpit gives me. I’ve been an XM aviation weather subscriber for years and have enjoyed Traffic Information Services Broadcasts (TIS-B) as well. The aviation world has been talking about the ADS-B mandate for the last 7 years and how the FAA is giving aircraft owners subscription free traffic and weather, if they equip their aircraft with ADS-B In capabilities.

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