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Reservations Closed!

[fa icon='calendar'] Sep 24, 2017 8:26:03 PM / by Ron Oetjen posted in ADS-B, Avionics, FAA, Transponders

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Whoa...What a week? The FAA ADS-B rebate website now says the “Reservations Closed” but we’re still 2 years and 3+ months from the airspace mandate going into effect. From a sales perspective we booked a lot of ADS-B transponder jobs this week which is good, but it’s disappointing that so many of them were booked from Tuesday to Thursday and the owners didn’t make a reservation for their $500 rebate with the FAA. I don’t know what else Sparkchasers, the FAA, or the industry organizations could have done to promote, educate, and encourage aircraft owners to fill out the form and reserve their $500 rebate. So many of the aircraft owners that call in are focused on the “economic solution,” but many of them never even took advantage of the rebate. 


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