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Avidyne's Digital Autopilot- The DFC 90.

[fa icon='calendar'] Apr 20, 2020 11:25:28 AM / by Sparkchasers posted in DFC 90, S-TEC, avidyne, IFD 550, IFD 540, IFD 440

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The Avidyne DFC90  is a great upgrade for Cirrus owners who have the STEC- 55X system in their airplane. It adds the precision and safety of an digital autopilot. On all of our flights in the Cirrus ranging from 100$ hamburgers to heading out to Oshkosh, the DFC-90 is easy to use/ control and is a smooth ride!  Some key features of the autopilot are:

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Auto-Pilots & Industry Progress

[fa icon='calendar'] Jan 22, 2018 11:31:20 AM / by Ron Oetjen posted in Avionics, GFC 500, Auto-pilot, GFC600, DFC 90, S-TEC

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I gotta say that I hope that our industry sees as much progress in 2018 that we saw in 2017! Like it or not, we’re part of an industry that is notoriously slow with progress. For many years, GA airplanes got products 10 years after heavy iron had them, but what can we expect with the past record of the FAA. There was little to no progress from the time the Wright brothers flew in Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903 to 1950 as aircraft position was crew calculated. Twenty three years after that we saw progress with Mode C and then again in another 20 years we got Mode S. Fast forward to 2010 from there and we get ADS-B. My point….our industry doesn’t exactly have a track record of moving at gazelle speed.

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