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For Premium Avionics Upgrades, We Turn To Avidyne

By Sparkchasers on June 5, 2022

It's no secret that avionics upgrades can be costly, but when you want the best of the best in terms of performance and safety, there's simply no other option. For our premium avionics upgrades, we turn to Avidyne. 

The Avidyne IFD Series of touch screen navigators represent the next generation in flight management systems.

The IFD’s are direct slide-in replacements for the GNS Series that can utilize the existing tray and connectors. They are compatible with all the popular interface configurations, which can greatly minimize aircraft downtime and installation costs.

The IFD series provides a variety of features that improve safety and situational awareness, including GPS position information, real-time weather data, traffic alerts, terrain awareness, and more.

Keep Your Head Up

It's easy to get wrapped up in the instruments when flying, but it's important to keep your head up and focus on the flying.

With Avidyne IFDs user-friendly interface, you'll have navigation at your fingertips so you can focus on the flying.

Plus, with their easy-to-use interface, you can get to where you need to go in 2 clicks or less.

IFD Series Key Features

The IFD series from Avidyne is designed as a direct replacement for existing systems, minimizing installation time and costs. The units are also slide-in replacements, making the process even easier.

All IFDs are equipped with Avidyne's 3d Synthetic Vision (SVS). The SVS provides improved situational awareness without requiring additional boxes or wires.

The IFD 100 App provides you with an entirely separate (and extra) instance of IFD in the cockpit via your iPad. Both devices can operate independently, allowing for different screens to be displayed at the same time. This makes the IFD series one of the most versatile and user-friendly options on the market. The best part is that the app is free with the Avidyne purchase.

The warranty on Avidyne IFDs is impressive. All IFDs come with up to four full years of warranty coverage for free.

The first year is instant, no questions asked.

The second-year, you get when you register the product on their website.

Years three and four are activated with a free AeroPlan registration.

Get an IFD installed in the next few weeks (not months)

Aircraft owners who are looking to upgrade their avionics system can often find themselves waiting months for the work to be completed. However, at Sparkchasers, we can typically have your new IFD installed in just a few weeks.

Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in avionics upgrades, and we're an authorized partner of Avidyne.

We understand that downtime is expensive, so we'll work quickly and efficiently to get you back in the air as soon as possible. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and let us show you why we're the best choice for your avionics needs.


With their intuitive touch screen interface, advanced features, and rock-solid reliability, Avidyne systems are second to none. If you're looking for an avionics upgrade that will give you peace of mind in the air, then Avidyne is the go-to choice.

Sparkchasers Aircraft Services specializes in expert installation and technology recommendations to customize your airplane’s flight panel with modern avionics from the top brands in the industry. Sparkchasers is an award-winning, experienced team that strives to provide excellent customer service, stay current with the latest avionics technology, and draws on years of experience to diagnose technical issues quickly and efficiently. Sparkchasers provides services for piston-driven, turboprop, and turbine engine aircraft. When you plan to upgrade your aircraft’s avionics or need FAA certifications completed, give us a call at (919) 934-1654 or visit www.flysparkchasers.com for a quick quote.

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