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Good pilots are always learning.

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 20, 2019 2:37:00 PM / by Sparkchasers

How many of you have heard the  saying “There are Old pilots and Bold Pilots but there are no Old, Bold pilots” and wondered exactly what that means?  In my opinion, it means that the “Old” pilot has been in certain situations in their flying career and has learned from those times. Flying and learning go hand in hand. Smart pilots don’t just get their pilots license and stop learning. Good pilots get their license and are always learning.


Flying any aircraft requires a ton of skill but it also requires a ton of knowledge. Flying is very dynamic  and  you can’t know everything because things are always changing from airspace's, to obstacles, to the weight in your plane, as well as, the technology in the cockpit and how it can benefit you when your flying.  This is why getting time with a flight instructor from time to time is so important and it's why pilots should attend industry events like Oshkosh, Sun n' Fun, and other regional events that offer training.

As the Sale representative at Sparkchasers, I am always learning and teaching because of my interaction with pilots and my background as an avionics technician. I get asked all the time about ADS-B and autopilots, but I also get to ask questions and learn myself.  Ask yourself “Why?”  Why is ADS-B required, Why does an airport have a K in the identification, Why is the wind sock important?  Why is an accurate Weight and Balance in the plane important.  Why is an RNAV LPV approach not considered a precision approach?  A good place to get good explanations to your questions is at industry events like our upcoming Garmin Regional Seminar.  

At our seminar there will be avionics technicians, flight instructors, corporate pilots, and a whole bunch of aircraft owners. RSVP below  for our annual Garmin event to learn more about the latest technologies from Garmin , what deals you can get on their technology,  and hang out with some really cool aviators from NC, SC, VA, and TN!

Sparkchasers is offering a FREE Garmin USB charging port installed in your aircraft when you book an avionics install AND ATTEND the Garmin seminar next month.  


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Written by Sparkchasers