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Avidyne's Digital Autopilot- The DFC 90.

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 20, 2020 11:25:28 AM / by Sparkchasers


The Avidyne DFC90  is a great upgrade for Cirrus owners who have the STEC- 55X system in their airplane. It adds the precision and safety of an digital autopilot. On all of our flights in the Cirrus ranging from 100$ hamburgers to heading out to Oshkosh, the DFC-90 is easy to use/ control and is a smooth ride!  Some key features of the autopilot are:

  • Envelope Protection and Envelope Alerting capabilities
  • Attitude Based
  • Enhanced Flight Director
  • The infamous "Straight & Level” button
  • Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS)
  • Synchronized Heading Bug

All in all the DFC-90 is a great product and we use it all the time in the Cirrus. It's also available for some Bonanza models and several 182 models if they are equipped with Aspen EFD 1000's.  Give us a shout if your thinking about upgrading your autopilot. Fly safe Aviators!


Topics: DFC 90, S-TEC, avidyne, IFD 550, IFD 540, IFD 440


Written by Sparkchasers