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It's Simple to Upgrade Your GTN to GTN Xi

By Sparkchasers on August 4, 2022

Pilots rely on GPS navigators to provide precision guidance while in the air. The Garmin GTN series is a popular option for many private aircraft owners. However, the release of the GTN Xi has many pilots wondering if it's worth the upgrade. In this blog post, we'll show you the features and benefits in the GTN Xi so you can make an informed decision.

The GTN Xi Upgrade is Simple

The latest GTN Xi series navigators from Garmin offer numerous benefits over earlier GTN models, making them a serious upgrade for any pilot. The most notable operational advantages include a touchscreen display that is brighter and sharper, and faster processing speeds that make performance a breeze.

The slide-in design also makes for a direct replacement of the predecessor, meaning there is no need for costly and intrusive panel modifications or aircraft downtime.

When making the switch to the GTN Xi series, pilots can be confident they are getting the best in navigation technology.

Slide in GTN Replacement

The GTN Xi series is a slide-in, pin-for-pin replacement for the GTN 750/650 series. Garmin's engineering team designed the GTN Xi series to fit existing GTN 750/650 series installation racks; without expensive panel modifications required.

In most cases, this upgrade can be completed in as little as a few hours at Sparkchasers.

Compatibility and simplicity encourage lower installation costs and aircraft downtime so aircraft can return to service more quickly. The result is an exceptional value that makes it easy for customers to take advantage of the superior capabilities of the next-generation GTN Xi series avionics.

Faster Processing, Higher Resolution Displays

The GTN Xi series features a number of powerful enhancements over the GTN, making it an ideal choice for pilots who demand the latest in avionics technology.

Dual-core processors provide a 50% speed advantage when compared to previous generations of GTN units, while the enhanced graphical display capabilities offer faster zooming, panning and map rendering.

The high-resolution touchscreen display provides nearly double the pixel count of older displays, offering superior clarity and wider viewing angles. In addition, valuable information such as charts, approach plates and maps load faster and in sharper resolution.

Wide Avionics Compatibility

The GTN Xi series was designed with wide avionics compatibility in mind. This means that it can interface with a broad range of existing avionics, autopilots and flight displays.

This allows aircraft owners and operators to upgrade their avionics without having to replace their entire system. As a result, the GTN Xi series is an ideal solution for those looking to improve the performance and capability of their aircraft.

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