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11 Months... ADS-B Deadline

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 28, 2019 11:52:06 AM / by Kristian Butler

11 months left till this “ADS-B” mandate is mandatory. So what should you do? There are multiple options to become ADS-B Compliant but I believe as you look to become compliant you should ask yourself some of these questions.

  1. Most importantly- Do you have a WAAS GPS Capable receiver because you need WAAS GPS for ADS-B.

  2. What is the mission you are flying? Are you above 18,000 feet? Controlled airspace? Or are you just put putting around to enjoy the view from up top, flying out to the outer banks or somewhere on the coast?ads-b-airspace-requirements

  3. Think long term? Do you want a more integrated cockpit? Maybe the transponder should be integrated into your GPS/NAV/COMM to have traffic and weather on it?

  4. Is being compliant your goal or do you want to take advantage of the Traffic and weather provided with ADS-B In?  Would audible traffic alert announcements in your headset make you feel safer?

The ADS-B options on the market can be overwhelming for someone who doesn't deal with it everyday and Sparkchasers understands that.  Feel free to reach out to Sparkchasers to talk ADS-B and see what options are out there and what best fits your flying mission and airplane.

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Kristian Butler

Written by Kristian Butler