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[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 25, 2018 10:37:51 PM / by Kristian Butler

EAA-Aerial-Tarmac-AirVentureAs I was flying back to Sparkchasers, I was looking back over my first Oshkosh experience (it will not be my last!).  I learned some interesting things from sitting in seminars, talking with pilots, and just observing everything going on as well. Some of the things I heard the most about were:

1)     ADS-B- I heard several questions about ADS-B, but the most prevalent one I heard was “What are my options?” Consider some of these questions as your looking ahead on your ADS-B journey over the next 18 months.
         -What’s your mission? Flying above 18,000 feet? Controlled airspace?
         -What’s your goal with you plane? Especially further on down the road.
         -Do you have a WAAS GPS receiver?
         -Do you want to be compliant or is traffic and weather important to you?

2)     Vintage Airplanes- I was amazed at the number of airplanes there were in general and how beautiful they were from the Carbon Cubs, The ICON A5, The Honda jet to the Warbirds and all the Vintage planes over by the VAA area. I was truly in shock when I saw all these planes and how well they have been taken care of.

3)     Avionics Upgrades- As we work our way into the middle part of 2018 we all know technology is full force ahead and isn’t stopping. I sat in multiple seminars that ranged from Auto-Pilots, Touch Screen PFD’s, Electronic Flight instruments, and everything in between.

Airplanes are kind of like your children, you want the best for them, but they can get expensive too so you want to know you’re making the right decision. Here at Sparkchasers, we want to hear what you want. What’s your goal with your plane?  What kind of flying are you doing?  I’m glad I was able to meet some of our aviators out there. Thanks for the good time Oshkosh and see you next year! 

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Kristian Butler

Written by Kristian Butler