Aircraft Management

Need some to manage your Cirrus?

Unmatched care

Unwaivering commitment

Aircraft ownership can be an invaluable tool that increases both business productivity and quality of life.  Most business people need to be able to see as many customers as possible, spend quality time with them, and then still be able to get home to their family at night.  Sparkchasers' goal is to allow you, or your pilot, to arrive at the airport and taxi, as soon as, possible.  You file a flight plan, pre-flight the aircraft, and then fly it and we'll take care of the rest.

Our management plans are completely customizable to your needs, but here are some of the things we'd love to handle for you:

  • Aircraft parked on the ramp when your ready and put away when you are done.
  • Preflight fueling
  • Discounted hanger
  • Monthly detailing of interior and exterior of aircraft
  • Subscription management & database updates for Garmin, Jeppesen, and XM.
  • Maintenance management
  • Oxygen, nitrogen, and TKS service
  • On-demand maintenance and avionics support
  • Regultory compliance for inspections and certifications
  • Security of your asset

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