$1,000 Mail-in Rebate, or $2,000 for twin engine systems
Now through July 31, 2020, Garmin Avionics customers can save on the GI 275 EIS variant. With EGT/CHT monitoring, lean assist mode, integrated fuel computer, exceedance alerting, and automatic data logging with wireless connectivity for in-flight and post-flight analysis, the GI 275 can serve as a primary EIS display for piston engine, fuel, electrical and other data.  Lean assist functionality is also available so pilots can choose to operate rich of peak or lean of peak. When the GI 275 replaces mechanical gauges and is configured as primary for engine information,  the GI 275 can display:
  • RPM
  • Manifold pressure,
  • Oil pressure and temperature,
  • Cylinder head temperature 
  • Exhaust gas temperature 
  • Turbine inlet temperature 
  • Fuel flow,
  • Fuel quantity,
  • Fuel pressure,
  • Volts and Amps.
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