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Now through August 13 2021, Garmin Avionics customers can save on the Dual GI-275 bundle. These dual GI-275 kits provide airspeed, altitude, attitude, heading information, outside air temperature, MFD capabilities, CDI or HSI, and autopilot control, along with a single 60-minute backup battery. The time has never been better to upgrade older, vacuum-style instruments and potentially get rid of your vacuum system in it's entirety.  Also, enjoy a free 10 hours of synthetic vision which overlays a 3d topographic view of terrain, traffic, obstacles airport signs and more. Once you decide that you love the Syn. Vis. technology, you can add it for HALF OFF! This is a system that you can build on, add Engine Instrumentation or a dedicated multi-function display later on.  It's up to you! Email us at or call sales at 919-912-5791 to get pricing for your airplane!  Imagine the weight you can save!

Email us at or call sales at 919-912-5791.