The commercial UAS market in the U.S. is rapidly evolving as the FAA continues to work towards safe integration of these unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace.  At Sparkchasers, we're excited about the problems that these systems solve, and have carefully designed our services to help commercial UAS operators with typical FAA Part 145 Repair Stations services, for your unmanned systems.  We can also offer turnkey solutions for clients in need of an extremely accurate survey or mapping data, aerial inspections, as well as, aerial photos or videos .  We have partnered with some of the most accurate survey & mapping companies in the UAS industry and can provide clients with a detailed report, very quickly.  Here is some of the things we are doing in the unmanned market:

  • Pilot services for your UAS
  • Maintenance & repair of your UAS
  • Testing & Inspections of your UAS
  • Custom missions flown with our UAS