This is N624MT our July Project Profile! This aircraft is sure to inspire and excite others about what their aircraft could be with a little help from Sparkchasers. 

     N624MT- A Modern SUV of the Sky 

What airplane do you pick when your mission is to fly 4-6 people on a cross-country mission ?  Many choose the Cessna 210 and here's why.  It is reasonably fast, seats up to 6 people comfortably,                   and many of these aircraft have a useful load of around 1500 - 1600 pounds.  However, many of them are antiquated with an old King stack and an auto-pilot that doesn’t work. That is not the case for  N624MT anymore. This is a Cessna 210 that has inspired many other 210 owners to upgrade their aircraft and made owners of other aircraft envy the 210.   Over the last year, Sparkchasers has worked with the aircraft owner on multiple projects to bring N624MT to the 2018 luxury that is is now. Below is a list of some of the upgrades in this aircraft:
All of these products were seamlessly integrated into one amazing panel that has changed the flying experience in this Cessna 210 ,as well as, made the aircraft feel and look like it is fresh off the line. The modern conveniences and situational awareness inside of N624MT are unparalleled.  If you are thinking a Cirrus or Bonanza would be faster, think again. This C210 has the Continental IO-550 powerplant conversion, so it will keep up while still carrying up to 1600 pounds!



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