Just as pilots are required to stay current and continually prove that they can operate safely, so too must your aircraft.  The US Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), as well as, most airworthiness agencies throughout the world, realizes the importance of proper operation of devices that report an aircraft's altitude and position.  Sparkchasers has a qualified team of professionals with the latest testing equipment to inspect and certify your aircraft.  

  • FAR 91.411 Pitot-Static System,  Altimeter, and Automatic Altitude-Reporting (Mode C) Systems Certification (required for IFR flights into controlled airspace)
  • FAR 91.413 Transponder Certification (required for IFR and VFR flight into controlled airspace)
  • FAR 91.207 Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) inspections for proper installation, battery corrosion, operations of the crash sensor, and signal strength