Meet N99DA, our first profile project of 2020.

Sparkchasers recently had the privilege of working with a Virginia based owner and business to upgrade their Baron 58. This project included an annual inspection, overhauled props as well as Avionics Installations.  While we were at it, we fabricated a new instrument panel with some beautiful suede paint!   Here is a summary of this project:

  • Replacing the legacy G500 with the G500TXi with Garmin engine instruments displaying on the 10 inch screen for accuracy and safety. 
  • Installing a L3 ESI-500 Stand by Attitude Indicator. 
  • We topped it all off with a state of the art GFC 600 digital auto-pilot from Garmin.  The GFC 600 integrates seamlessly with the Garmin G500TXi.
  • German suede paint that helps with that blinding sunlight.
  • LED Conversion of Navigation Lights, Tail light, strobes and added recognition lights that will light up anything, anywhere. 

We personally flew this plane all over southeast North Carolina and it flew seamlessly. The way the avionics integrates with each other makes single pilot operations super comfortable. 

  • Entirepanel-2
  • GFC600L3-2
  • Front-3
  • scsign-2
  • StackPortrait-2
  • TXI-2
  • LED-2
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